About us

Who we are — A young and innovative husband and wife team, with a mission to bring more diversity into your everyday kids school supplies. Always hungry for more we keep our product lines trendy with beautifully illustrated characters and never-ending changes of assortments. Our research is thorough, and we strive on providing customers with the best quality, most creative and functional and culturally diverse gifts. 


What we do — Lela’s main aim is to be the emporium of choice for all children of colour. Promoting a positive self-esteem whilst encouraging children to express themselves and be the best that they can be, is the driving force behind our brand. Our range consist of stylish, vibrant and funky school supplies to encourage individuals to express themselves. Made to cater everyone’s style all of our items are equipped with unique patterns, cute characters and vibrant colours. Not only fashionable and affordable but also practical.

Helping children to feel good about themselves! This is the philosophy we first began with and the core values which still define us today. It is our goal to design products that children will actually want to use and that's why we are working hard to develop a wider variety of fun and exciting styles that everybody's sure to love.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lela, a place where kids can feel good about themselves.

Lela says, “You are beautiful”


About Lela 👧🏽

The name Lela is of Swahili origin, meaning black beauty. Lela loves to be creative and express herself in everything she does. She is confident and full of enthusiasm and loves all things pink and sparkly.


About Mosi 👦🏾

The name Mosi means 'The First' in Swahili. Mosi is a tech-savvy, sports loving high achiever who excels in everything he does. And like any confident little boy, loves nothing more than taking part in exciting outdoor adventures.

Lela Family