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The name Lela is of Swahili origin, meaning black beauty.

Lela loves to be creative and express herself in everything she does. She is confident and full of enthusiasm and loves all things pink and sparkly.

The idea was born when a proud father of a beautiful new born baby girl went out looking for something special to buy for his little princess. He came across a few items of merchandise for young girls with animated characters on them, none of which represented his daughter. After making this discovery he went home to his wife and expressed his disappointment. So using her creative flair they set out on a journey to develop a character that young African and Caribbean girls can relate to.

Our aim is for Lela to be an inspiration to children from all walks of life, encouraging them to feel good about themselves.

Lela products are appropriate for many gift-giving occasions, from birthdays to Christmas’s and more.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lela, a place where kids can feel good about themselves.

Lela says, “You are beautiful”

Lela Family
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