How does media affect black kids' self-esteem?

How does media affect black kids' self-esteem?

How does media affect black kids' self-esteem?

Advantages of seeing a positive representation of ones self is not exclusive to girls: Boys also experience the negative effects that media has with regards to race and diversity. 

 A study in 2012 that examined, “Racial and gender differences in the relationship between children’s television use and self esteem - a longitudinal panel study, revealed that: "Television exposure predicted a decrease in self-esteem for white and black girls and black boys, and an increase in self-esteem among white boys." Michael Brody, the chair of the media committee of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry said; "Children are affected when they don’t see themselves represented on TV, and it affects them when the young people who look like them are seen doing something wrong." The author also mentions three potential explanations - one of which said, "As a result, young white boys have greater access to positive media representation. Social identity theory would argue that exposure to this coded messaging helps young white boys believe that anything is possible, and that they can attain, achieve, and be heroes."

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